photos: u+n fest 2 @ ottobar

Unregistered Nurse Booking’s Dana Murphy didn’t just outdo last year’s U+N Fest; she set the bar immeasurably high for next year. The two-day festival primarily residing at Ottobar featured an knock-out lineup of strong talent– rising, buzzed, legendary and otherwise. Between the main stage, pre and day parties at other venues, multiple DJs and a generator show at a super secret location, each band was a prime example of the flexibility of a genre that’s stereotypically so devoted to tradition. Between original garage soul punks The Gories making their only area appearance just for this fest, and rising bands like Hunters and Ex-Cult rounding out CMJ routes, the genre’s many facets were present and well represented.


  • Ed Schrader’s Cats on the Lake t-shirt promos
  • Wet Brain (yes, the whole band) performing the most polite stage dives I have ever seen
  • Multiple musicians in the pit to watch other bands
  • Matt Korvette of Pissed Jeans giving the title of cutest couple of the night to a very embarrassed pair of just friends
  • Matt Korvette proceeding to untie the “boyfriend’s” shoe
  • A PBR footie pajama onesie

Onto some photos. 

DAY ONE: Ed Schrader's Music Beat, Hunters, Ex-Cult, Roomrunner, and Pissed Jeans 

DAY TWO: Wet Brain, Wild Honey, Peach Kelli Pop, Weekend, The Gories