damaged city fest 2016

thanks to chris, nick and everyone else involved in putting together damaged city fest, and to all the incredible bands who played. look for photos at washington city paper on 4.11.2016 and in maximum rocknroll issue #397 (out early may 2016). this event was a benefit for we are family

love letters - f.skeiky@gmail.com // @reallyfarrah

blood pressure (pa) // bloodpressurepgh.bandcamp.com

busted outlook (ca) // bustout.bandcamp.com

caught in a crowd (ma) // caughtinacrowd.bandcamp.com

coke bust (dc) // cokebust.bandcamp.com

collusion (dc) // collusiondc.bandcamp.com

depths of reality (ma) // depthsofreality.bandcamp.com

disguise (ireland) // disguise.bandcamp.com

firewalker (ma) // firewalkerhc.bandcamp.com

flasher (dc) // flasherdc.bandcamp.com

gaucho (toronto)

the goons (dc) // facebook.com/thegoonsdc

holder's scar (nc) // holdersscar.bandcamp.com

homosuperior (dc) // homosuperior.bandcamp.com

jj doll (ny) // d4mtlabsinc.bandcamp.com

kombat (dc) // kombatdc.bandcamp.com

la u.r.s.s. (spain) // laurssmaldita.bandcamp.com

odd man out (wa) // odd-man-out.bandcamp.com

the pessimists (brazil) // theepessimists.bandcamp.com

post teens (fl) // noidearecords.bandcamp.com

power (wa) // powernw.bandcamp.com

protester (dc) // protester.bandcamp.com

radiation risks (ny) // radiationrisks.bandcamp.com

rubbish (fl) // rubbishboys.bandcamp.com

s.h.i.t. (toronto) // whatwedoissecrete.bandcamp.com

sem hastro (dc/brazil) // semhastro.bandcamp.com

sheer mag (pa) // sheermag.bandcamp.com

stalled minds (fr) // stalledminds.bandcamp.com

stand off (dc) // standxoff.bandcamp.com

systematic death (japan) // youtube.com

tørsö (ca) // torsoxvx.bandcamp.com

triage (toronto) // triageheshlords.bandcamp.com

youth avoiders (fr) // youthavoiders.bandcamp.com

zero boys (in) // zeroboys.bandcamp.com

zipper (dc) // first show