women's march on washington, 1.21.2017

look for these photos in issue 12 of she shreds mag. some quick notes:

1. not everyone who identifies as a woman has a vagina/pussy/uterus. while protecting the reproductive rights of those who do is important for everyone, remember that there is more to womanhood than what's between your legs. this is an especially important part of understanding and supporting our trans sisters.

2. this was a peaceful protest with the support of the police. the protests on inauguration day did not end similarly. if you can, donate to the disrupt j20 fund to help those facing felony charges for protesting: disruptj20.org/legal-fund/

3. For many, people, this march was their first taste of activism. Don't let this be your last. This was just day one, and you need to get into the habit of showing up for what's right.

4. if you can, set up those monthly donations: black lives matter | planned parenthood | aclu | national center for transgender equalitynational organization for women | natural resources defense council