photos: soundbites festival 2013 @ 930 club

 Soundbites is the DC Central Kitchen's annual fundraiser at the 930 Club. It brings together some of the district's best restaurants, great bands, and quite literally makes sure there's something for everyone who's made a ticket donation. This was my first year going, and I have vowed to never miss it again-- probably because of that giant paella. 

The best moment of soundbites was a DCCK volunteer passionately chanting, "paella, paella, paella!" This woman was working with the Jaleo team and dishing out portions to everyone; her good vibes were contagious. I found out a few days later that she's now working in Jaleo's kitchen as a result of her work at Soundbites. For those who question the impact of DCCK's work, or of events like Soundbites, here's my rebuttal.