violent reaction

outtakes: damaged city fest 2015

this year, i got to shoot damaged city fest for maximum rocknroll. 12 of the photos can be found in issue #385 which you can buy online or at your local record store. here are all the photos that didn't make it in. bands who want high res photos can email me or find me on instagram @reallyfarrah.

(bands featured in the mrr spread: blazing eye, arms race, government warning, ajax, leather daddy, pure disgust, hounds of hate, suicidas, urbanoia, freak vibe, career suicide, nervosas. i did not post the printed photos here, so please support the zine by buying a copy!)

arms race (uk) →

barge (va) →

blazing eye → (ca) 

blood pressure (pa) →

career suicide (ca) →

coke bust (dc) →

the flex (uk) →

freak vibe (wa)

fury (ca)

government warning  (va)

hounds of hate (pa)

jävla (dc)

leather daddy (ma) →

night fever (de) →

pure disgust (dc)

razorheads (nj) →

red death (dc) →

sectarian violence (swe/uk/dc)

sem hastro (br/dc)

sick fix (dc)

stand off (dc)

suicidas (sp)

united mutation (va)

violent reaction (uk)